About Fun Girls

     2018 marks 18 years of Fun Girls Jewelry. I have been exhibiting and selling my work at Art and Wine Festivals, mostly in Northern California, and now I am selling online,  after 7 years of talking about it!!

     Fun Girls Jewelry is created and made in my studio in Valley Springs, CA. Most pieces are completely made by my hand, and sometimes I have a little help from my friends.  

     I make glass beads from rods of Italian glass that I melt in a table top torch. Each little blob of beauty is married to other materials I find interesting. I find natural elements, such as stones, pearls, pods and nuts the most interesting, but I don't really limit myself. Lots of pieces have no glass at all, if the stones, or pearls stand well enough on their own.

     My metals are mostly silver, sterling silver and fine silver, but I will also use some pewter, and on occasion, gold vermeil. Some pieces can be ordered in 14kt gold if desired. Send an email if this is your wish.